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plastic items

Ban on the use of plastic items

Proposed ban on the use of plastic items for cabinet’s consideration. A proposed plan that could affect a ban on the use of plastic items...

GNDZ-Kidz $1.1 Million dollar Fundraiser

A major medical fundraising project has started in Grenada with the full backing of the island's Health Ministry. The initiative which is aimed at raising...
anti-violence campaign

Anti-Violence Campaign rolling out

The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation will launch a comprehensive anti-violence campaign early next month to address the issue of violence in...

LIAT employees gets advice on money management

LIAT employees gain valuable and timely advice on good money management. The employees of Liat are gaining much needed Financial Literacy and Money Management best...
parents meeting

Carmen René to hold parents’ meetings

The Carmen René Memorial School has scheduled grade level meetings for parents and guardians of students attending the school. The purpose of the meetings...