CXC meets with employers and public sector


The Caribbean Examination Council in collaboration with the Local Registrar held a one day stakeholder consultation at the Public Service Union Building with employers and the public sector on Wednesday, July 6th.

The aim of the consultation was to provide an overview of the programmes offered by CXC.

Lenroy Cumberbatch. CXC Registrar, says, “CSEC and its forerunners like O Levels an were qualifications not designed for work but for university entry.”

Also discussed was the Caribbean Vocational Qualification Program.

“The cvq is a work-related qualification; it is matched very closely to what is required in the workplace. The CVQ competences are developed by the lead persons. So if you are a horticulturalist, you would be invited to explain the necessary requirements for a person who wishes to work with you. Once you share those, they are written in units and developed into a CVQ.”

This year for the first time, Dominica will be sending students to be qualified in commercial food preparation, garment manufacturing and crop production.

Cumberbatch noted that new subjects have been introduced for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE).

He named entrepreneurship as a newly-added subject.

The examinations are normally written by candidates who have completed one or two years of post-secondary level education.

He said, “These subjects were introduced since a number of students who do CAPE don’t necessarily go on to university and instead go to work. We tried to develop programmes that would help them got o work not only as employees but to create their own employment.”