OECS Commission supports Grenada in the development of New Electricity Sector Primary and Secondary Laws under the ECERA Project

On Wednesday April 27, 2016 the Government of Grenada held a National Consultation on the Draft Electricity Supply (Customer Service) Regulations at the Grenada Trade Centre.

The objective of the consultation was to present the draft regulations to the general public and receive feedback. These regulations constitute a set of standard terms and conditions that govern the supply of electricity service by the network licensee in Grenada (GRENLEC) to its customers. The regulations, when brought into force will serve as a ‘standard contract’ between GRENLEC and customers in Grenada for the supply of electricity.

The draft regulations were developed under the ECERA Project that is being implemented by the OECS Commission. It forms one of the electricity sector primary and secondary laws developed for the government of Grenada as part of the ongoing legislative and regulatory reform process for the electricity sector. The draft Electricity Supply (Customer Service) Regulations was presented at the National Consultation by Maxine Nestor, Project Manager – ECERA Project at the OECS Commission.

GDA ELC CONS WEBBIESeated at the Head table from left are: Ms. Maxine Nestor, Project Manager – ECERA Project – OECS Commission; Hon. Gregory Bowen, Minister responsible for Communications, Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities and ICT – Grenada; Hon. Oliver Joseph, Minister of Economic Development, Planning, Trade, Cooperatives and International Business – Grenada; and Mr. Mike Sylvester, Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Finance and Energy – Grenada.

The OECS Commission, through the ECERA Project, is also supporting the Government of Saint Lucia in modernising the legal framework for the electricity sector through the development of a suite of primary and secondary laws.